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Pay Through Face: The Big Revolution

Nowadays, the speed of technological advancements has reached epic proportions. Our world is continuously going through several changes by the minute as tech companies, associations and individuals devise methods after methods to improve our daily functions. The onset of Artificial Intelligence has brought in possibilities like never before as drones, robotics take center stage. No matter how many skeptics you have been to its reception it is already affecting our workforce, daily life for the good as well as the for the worst. Pay through face is another brainchild of AI enthusiasts and it sure can herald a revolution in how we pay.

What is Pay Through Face?

Pay through face is a payment method that is so programmed to ensure payments through your face. Boasting of a 99% accuracy, it tracks 83 different points of our face simultaneously to match with its extensive database. Its accuracy is maintained due to the inbuilt feature of measuring the space between two different points of a person’ facial biometric. It has loads of programmes like aging calculator, sense biometric, smile identification etc. which make it extremely foolproof and also convenient for the consumer to use.


How does it actually work?

Several companies have adopted and devised their own facial payment methods like a smile to pay, blink etc. which ensures payment along with guaranteeing customer’s presence. The basic idea behind remains the same of tracking customer’s facial features, matching and identifying them from the database and processing pay. Some of the methodologies used by companies are detailed below:-

  • Alipay Methodology

Alipay, a subsidiary of Alibaba i.e one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world uses a two-step method for payment by the face that is-

  • Scanning the face

As the customer approaches the payment hardware system, the interface lights up asking about the payment method. Its facial recognizing camera then starts up tracking the same 83 points on the face of the customer and scrounging its database for profiles at the same time.

  • Entering Mobile Number

A mobile number that is linked to the specific account is asked which negates any chances of fraud along with making account matching accurately. The pay is then processed to convenience and customer’s delight.

  • Caliburger Method

Caliburger, California; One of the first companies in United States of America to embrace facial pay follows a facial login plus pay system.

As the customer goes to the restaurant; there is a kiosk placed which asks for account login through smiling with the face as its feature tracking camera maps it; account info opens up along with order asking details and pay is ensured with another smile. A three-digit security code is also used to safeguard against thugs.

  • MasterCard’s Selfie Pay

MasterCard allows for a selfie pay and identity check at its systems.

It asks for user’s face to confirm online payments. A blink is required as it helps weed out possibilities of photographic use to fool the system. It has been hailed as a major change in banking circles with others also following suit.


  • Security

It is one the most extremely secure method of payment as the face is our unique possession. Its extreme vetting can even distinguish between twins, those with deformities, aged etc. making it an optimal solution to all pay woes. Pin codes, smile features, blink requirements all make it even tighter to fondle with then login passwords.

  • Accuracy

As stated before it has a 99% accuracy in making your payment procedure. The mathematical calculations of facial dimensions, inherent tracking, and large database system accurately match you with your virtual profile and account details.

  • Convenience

It is probably the easiest to use which does not require any info to remember, passwords to note and credentials to verify. Just walking in and paying in seconds would be anybody’s choice for paying!

  • Optional

To those who aren’t convinced; can have the benefit of it being an add-on to several other methods and not mandatory. The cash paying consumer can still place there trust in the physical money without any corrosion from the face paying feature.



  • Data storage

Vetting of data into database and data reservoirs has lead to a privacy concern. Governmental tracking, police identification has caused a far cry with many data experts warning about governmental interference. Face pay has its main need for a database to match user’s face with and people are not much welcome to it.

  • Camera Angle

The camera angle is a basic requirement to map the face and its right alignment is necessary. Inept camera facing can derail its identification method because the points of recognization are displaced. It can be an irritant to the person facing this disadvantage.

  • Fashion

Fashion can severely change a person’s feature, an outlook which can be detrimental to face pay. Going through extensive makeup and masking can annihilate its detection with the stored information. It also opens up possibilities of scandals by masking up as others professionally and making fraudulent transactions through it.



While Caliburger aims to roll out its AI-powered face pay system across all its global centers ranging from Mexico to China and Saudi Arabia to Sweden in the next 12 months; MasterCard and other consortia of banks have made their statements to incorporate it into the banking system.

China which has garnered appreciative development in this field has given birth to Face++, a multi-billion startup on facial recognition. Face++ has partnered with several companies to make programmes of facial recognition and payments for them propelling it to widespread demand. Several other of China’s product companies like Alibaba, Baidu has pledged to make facial payments a true reality across all of their services.

iPhone X, Amazon Recognition are some of the other programmes that have been out on grand scale making visionaries of pay through face; enthusiastic about their ambitions and aspirations. It is duly sure that paying through face will become a reality but the drawbacks need to be countered if it is to become a mainstay in our paying preferences.

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