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Google Chrome 69 released: Here’s how it will affect your browsing experience

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Ten years ago, on 2nd September 2008, Google released Chrome, a freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows. In the next few years, Chrome was made available for all the major operating systems including Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Ten years hence, Google Chrome has around 63% of the market share and over 1 billion users. On the momentous occasion of its tenth anniversary, Google released its first major update, Chrome 69. It brings a new look with better password management abilities and improved autofill. Moreover, it has various improved security features and a faster and smarter Omnibox than its predecessors.

Also, it provides more personalization, enables shortcut creation and management from the new tab page. Furthermore, if you don’t like the dull Chrome new tab page you can easily customize it with the background of your choice. Apart from that, it also includes plenty of developer-specific changes.



Google Chrome 69 arrives with a revamped design. Google has adopted its Material Design 2 philosophy which includes more rounded shapes, a new color palette, and updated icons. Tabs are modified to improve the visibility of icons, and the rounded shape will ease the navigation between tabs. However, instead of a light grey background, it features a white palette which is obviously inspired by its new Material Theme.

For the iOS users, the toolbar has moved closer to the thumb area i.e. the bottom of the screen.



The new omnibox (commonly known as search bar) will show more information than it used to be. A smarter search bar will show various results such as translations, weather, public figure, or answer of your queries, right there without needing to open a new tab. Besides, you will also able to search through google drive directly from omnibox in the near future.


On signing up to the new sites, the all-new password manager will recommend you strong passwords that will be saved in a built-in password manager. Nonetheless, if you visit those websites again, it automatically fills in your credentials.

Certainly, Google has improved the way the previous versions used to handle user credentials. Similarly, the improved auto fill remembers your addresses, credit card details, and passwords and can accurately fill in wherever it needs to be. You can directly access these details from the Chrome toolbar.


Google has dropped HTTP/HTTPS protocol designator from the search bar, so URLs will now be displayed without any prefix. Moreover, the Google positive site indicator i.e. the green ‘Secure’ word, will also be removed in this update.  The startup time, latency, usability, and usage of memory have also been improved in Chrome 69.


For Android and iOS based devices visit Google Play Store/ Apple App Store to update the app.

If you are a PC user, Open Chrome browser, then select the Three-Dot icon on the top right corner of the browser. Next, choose Setting and click on About Chrome option. It will automatically update your browser to the latest version i.e. Chrome 69. Instead, you can also download Chrome 69 from here.

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