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Get 1GB Free 4G Data with every Dairy Milk Chocolate


Two years ago Reliance Jio revolutionized the telecom industry in India with its free 4G data. Consequently, India which ranks over 150 in terms of data usage, turned out to be one of the top ten data consuming nation within a year.

6th September 2018 marked two years of its inception and on this momentous occasion Reliance Jio again shows it might by launching a special offer for its ever-growing My Jio family. The Jio users can now get free 1GB of 4G data and all they need to do is to eat their favorite Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.


To be eligible for this offer the user must be an existing Reliance Jio customer who would buy a Cadbury chocolate and upload a picture of it on My Jio App. However, this offer is limited to once for each number. Although, you have the liberty to transfer this data to any other Jio user.

This offer is valid up to 30th September 2018 and the additional data will be credited to the Jio user account within 7 working days from the date of redeeming this offer.

Cadbury chocolates that can be used to avail of this offer include Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate of worth Rs 5, 10, 20, 40 and 100.

Furthermore, if the above listed Cadbury Chocolates are not of your choice, you can also be benefited with the purchase of Dairy Milk Lickables worth Rs. 35, Dairy Milk Crackle worth Rs. 40, Dairy Milk Roast Almond worth Rs. 40, or Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut worth Rs. 40 and Rs. 80.


  • Purchase your favorite Cadbury chocolate from a nearby shop.
  • The only way to avail this offer is through My Jio App. Thus, you need to update the existing app or if needed, download it from Play-store/App-store.
  • Now open My Jio app and login using your mobile number.
  • You will see a banner ‘Cadbury 1GB Data Free Offer’ on your dashboard.
  • Click the banner and agree to the mentioned terms and conditions.
  • Tap the Participate Now button and Allow Camera to Take Picture.
  • Either scan the barcode from the empty wrapper or upload a picture of it.
  • You will receive a message that congratulates you for unlocking the free data.
  • Tap the Keep 1GB option and you will get 1GB free 4G data within 7 days.
  • Moreover, you can donate your data to Pratham Foundation which is proclaimed to facilitate e-learning in far-flung areas.

In the past Reliance Jio has drastically transformed the telecom sector with innovative marketing strategies and unbeatable offers. Within just two years the company has grown massively and to retain its existing customers, it continuously comes up with lucrative offers.

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