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Artificial Intelligence

Fictions Coming Alive: The Power Of Artificial Intelligence

From science fictions to Silicon Valley stories, it is always fascinating for humans to think about the existence of BOTs and AI. AI and BOTs are the stars who have gained their popularity overnight. The potential growth of AI is so high that it is considered to bring fourth digital revolution.

So, what is AI?

In simple terms, Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems which performs tasks that need human intelligence. These computer systems can interact with human beings and learn from them with time.

What does Artificial Intelligence Brings to the Table?

    Problem Solving



    Speech Recognition

AI is not restricted to performing routine tasks; it also helps in automation of business processes. It has spread its presence in various sectors, niches, and arenas.

 “Today, just 15% of enterprises are using AI. However, 31% have it in their agenda for the next 12 months.”

The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence

There are three stages in the evolution of AI. The first stage is where AI is restricted to the functional area. This stage is called ANI. The second stage is AGI. In this stage, AI helps in reasoning, problem-solving and abstract thinking. This is the advanced AI stage at which we are presently working. Here, the features of AI and IOT innovations are helping humans to perform their jobs better.

The virtual assistants are a significant part of this stage, helping humans to automate functions for increased productivity.

The last stage is ASI, in this stage, AI surpasses the human intelligence. This is the stage in which humans will be destroyed by their own inventions.

The stage at which we all are in, the second stage, is optimal for better utilization of AI.

In 2015, the revenue from the AI industry was USD 5 billion. In 2020, it is predicted to reach USD 12.5 billion, which is more than double of what it was in 2015. AI as a single industry has the potential to get a market cap of USD 120-180 billion by 2020.

The story of AI started from some fantastic Sci-Fi fictions and now is being seen as the industry with exponential potential.

How Can the General People feel AI for the First Time?

The most viable and simple touch point of AI Application is the Virtual AI Assistants. Some of the famous ones are Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri), Google (Google Assistant) and Microsoft (Cortana). They have brought a revolution in the lives of people who are hustlers and multitaskers. The best part of about these assistants is their power to train themselves. The assistants get stronger as their usage increases.

Amazon Alexa

Alexa by Amazon is a cloud-based voice recognition service which works with devices from Amazon and a few third-party devices. A user can add capabilities to Alexa by using the sample code and APIs provided. A user can also integrate Alexa into their devices for adding an intelligent interface. It is a compact device, with good looks and accurate answers.

Amazon Alexa is going to be integrated along with some amazing Windows 10 PCs from Acer, ASUS, and HP.


Siri is a virtual assistant for all the Apple devices but not for any third party devices. It uses natural language interface to answer the queries of the users. The user can ask Siri to WhatsApp, call or send messages to anyone. Siri can assist users in finding an excellent restaurant and help them book tickets for a movie. Sometimes when Siri does not have an answer, it comes back with hilarious comebacks.

Google Assistant

You just have to say, “Ok Google” to see the magic happening. Google Assistant is a powerful virtual assistant with accurate voice search results. It supports both the IOS and Android-based devices. It is also available for some third party home speakers. The user can set reminders, schedule messages, call or ask for the Moon, the Google Assistant is always there.


Cortana by Microsoft is an amazing assistant which supports both Android and IOS devices. It is also available on the Harman Kardon Invoke with Cortana speaker. Though it is a tedious process to set up Cortana, once done, it is quite easy to use. Unlike Siri and Google Assistant, Cortana needs zero noise background noise to work better.

Why should one use these AI backed Assistants?

    They reduce the cost of labor.

    They help with automation.

    They help in increasing the productivity by setting reminders.

    They help in making a process around everything.

Where does the Future Lie?

The future lies in complete automation of general functions performed by humans. With the help of virtual assistants, organizations can thrive for better goals, results, and revenues. These virtual assistants are not to take away the jobs done by humans but assist them to achieve productivity gains. It can be expected that virtual assistants would be present with most of the future foreseeing businesses. What has to be predicted is the quantum of their usage for better functioning of the world.

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